I hope the questions in Part Two awakened some dreams and piqued your curiosity. You may have even gotten a glimpse of a side of yourself that goes beyond your self-imposed limitations and the ones life has heaped upon you.

Google is most people’s usual “go to” search engine and there are many more but there are other means of finding what suits you on the Internet. Sky Watch Friday provides a gallery of thumbnail links to blogs which have posted a mostly sky-filled photo. Posts come from all over the globe and, if you choose to, adding one of your own is relatively simple. Using Sky Watch or a similar site as a search engine opens a unique door to wonderful national and international blogs. You’ll enter an exotic and intriguing world just by browsing countries and states from your list. Don’t let the fact that some are written in unfamiliar languages frighten you off; translate them if you wish, but even if you don’t want the bother, blogs using Oriental and Cyrillic, etc. scripts are often well worth a glance just for their stunning photography. Since blogs are all set up basically the same way, whatever language or alphabet is being used it’s fairly easy to locate the blogroll; simply scroll down with your eyes on the sidebars. If the language uses the Roman alphabet it will pop out at you–if it uses another script, you’ll still find it.

On a recent Friday visit, I began with a blog on New Delhi because, for me, India epitomizes the word exotic. Written in English, it listed a dozen or so favorite blogs. I chose a Polish one since my maternal grandparents emigrated from Poland. Following the gorgeous photos running down the right hand sidebar, I scrolled down to Moja lista blogów and found blogs from Japan, Norway, Russia, and Spain. Each blog was a gold mine and each visit propelled me off on another adventure.

At this point a little self discipline and orderliness comes in handy. Label folders with your initials and your chosen categories to separate them from your regular favorites and pop in any promising blogs immediately. It will save so much time in the long run and you won’t lose what you love. Simply saving blogs isn’t what you’re after–it’s quality you want not quantity, so stop after about half an hour. Next time you log on–go to the sites you’ve saved and read further. Do they really fit your list? You’re sense of enthusiasm will let you know immediately. If it’s not there, let them go.

Using Sky Watch for even a couple of weeks will give you plenty to work with: interesting blogs, beautiful photography, cities, states, and countries for exploring, plus the possibility of practicing a language you may know slightly, or the unexpected delight of discovering common interests with bloggers half a world away or right next door.

In my next post we’ll we’ll delve into your unique interests using another common Internet site that can either be a huge time waster or an efficient search tool.