The Write Time Daily Challenge – Day 2    “You are in a laundromat watching the clothes dryer go round-and-round, and suddenly……

Lyrics to The Windmills of My Mind danced in my head while clothes tumbled in the dryer.

“Boring,” muttered a young woman at the next machine..

“Like a wheel within a wheel,” I agreed politely–but no–the flashes of red and blue changing patterns looked delightfully kaleidoscopic. As circles in a pool mesmerize when they spread outward in ever-widening rings, my thoughts turned towards infinity and “Swiftly Tilting Planets”.  I wondered what Einstein would think. Were there mathematical equations at work in the swirl of sweaters and socks?  Could a great theory be developed if I had the mind of a genius? Could something as simple as the flash of a sash tie the string theory together?

An anonymous woman’s tombstone reads: “At last her laundry is done”. So it will be with me, with all of us. Eternity awaits. No–eternity doesn’t wait. It’s from the always-has-been to the everlasting-will-be, part of what is-now.  And the One (big O) who set off that “Bang!” with His Word inhabits it all.

I really wanted to tell the bored woman that we were standing in the ever-expanding universe as constantly growing, changing, aging, dying specks of impermanent matter in an unmeasurable immensity of eternal time–but I figured she wouldn’t get it. (Word Count 211)

With nods to Alan and Marilyn Bergman, Bill Weiss, Madeleine L’Engle,  Kathleen Norris, Albert Einstein. And the big One.