Bless WordPress for having pages and categories. As I work on connecting my dots and drawing together the various interests of past, present, and future, I’m certainly going to need them!

Soul Food Cafe will be represented in many categories as I word travel with Heather Blakey and her flock of ravens through Lemuria into gardens and cities sparkling with light and fun, as well as areas of darkness and shadow. For a writer, there is no better place to be, no people I would rather have as companions.

In the “real” world I’ll be remembering past travels, family stories and perhaps, even a a bit of the history I’ve lived through. The present and future will be a catch-all of interests: books, drawing, all forms of art, current affairs, Squidoos, links, and the love of writing that infuses everything I do. However, if you want to learn of my faith and reach my heart, you’ll have to go here or here.


2 Responses to “About”

    1. porchsitter Says:

      Bless your heart, Gail! I only vaguely remember writing it, and had no idea where to find it.. I’m so glad you reposted your original story on Holidailies–I loved it then and still do.

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