This is just for practice using the visual editor and aligning text.  They say to put your curser  at the beginning of the text, then click on the picture when it appears and choose align left or right.  If the last time wasn’t a fluke this should work.

Wish I could see what I’m writing but the visual editor disappears behind the right side of the screen that contains the save draft and publish buttons.  Very annoying!  Ah! There’s a button called toggle toward the right of the list that gives me a full screen.  Wonderful.  Now there’s nothing in my way!  It does remove a lot of the buttons for formatting, though.  Switch back to work with color text or italic, etc? Since I can’t see the text color icon on the small screen, how am I supposed to choose the text I want to change!

Good thing there’s an undo button!

I just made the entire text a headline, lol.  Still working in small screen so I can access all the buttons.  There should be a way to access them in full screen.  I wonder how many days it would take to do find that? I gave it a quick look and I don’t think you can access them.

What’s with the small screen being so quirky though.  It’s maddening not to be able to see my full text.  That a WP bug or is it just in my blog.  Anybody else have this problem?