Perhaps the reason millions of Christians world wide accepted Mr. Camping’s predictions about the Rapture is because we’re in such rotten shape. No one can deny the fact that, although there are a few silver linings behind the storm clouds, we are living in a world plagued by man made problems and major natural disasters.

People remember the Bible saying that we will “know the times are close when we see these things,” but it has been a mystery to me from the beginning how Mr. Camping and those who follow him so closely failed to remember that Christ clearly states, “No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” Matthew 24: 36

Atheists are having a heyday ridiculing not just Christians who believed the prediction, but the idea of faith itself. They see this “failure” as proof positive that all religions are false and those who adhere to them delusional fools. Many Christians have joked their way through the waiting and are somewhat gleeful that the day has passed and we are all still here. At the moment, Mr. Camping is keeping a low profile, either too embarrassed to show himself or busy recalculating his dates and figures to see where he went wrong.

So what next? What about the people who staked their lives, their faith and their fortunes on May 21, 2011, like a woman in my building, who told me she’d lost her family several years ago when she began preaching they should leave the church because “the end was near”? What happens to her and other “believers” who have been disappointed and left behind with the rest of humanity?

It seems to me, that moderate Christians need to reach out to those who have put their faith in Mr. Camping instead of in Christ. This huge disappointment can easily lead to a complete denial of faith or major depression. Many have burned their bridges behind them and may feel completely abandoned. At the very least, no one likes to feel he’s been a fool.

From the start, I’ve been skeptical because of the above reasons, however, yesterday morning I left a note near my computer for my sweetheart telling him where the cash was kept and listing a few people he might call if I suddenly disappeared. I added that if he’d wanted proof, this was it. Today, I thought about tearing it up but decided against it.

As a Christian, who does believe that Christ will come again and that there will be a rapture one day, what’s next for me? A great opportunity, I think. Who hasn’t wished for more time, a longer life? As an individual and along with my church I am still here, still able to right some wrongs, to reach out to those who are hurting, and to tell the generations, “Jesus saves”.