“Come with me to visit the sunflowers,” urges my favorite poet, Mary Oliver.

It’s a good day for it, not that sunflowers are in bloom in New Jersey in April, but it’s spring, my windows are open wide and the delicious scent of the air has me high as a kite.

Last summer I bought sunflowers for the first time. They were stately and spectacular, and so tall I kept the vase on the floor.

I decided to do a post for my Mary Oliver section after reading the poem last night. This morning I couldn’t believe all the goodies Google unearthed. Since this video can be shared on Facebook, etc, I assume it’s okay to share here. So, a Youtube video provided by the Steven Barclay Agency of Ms Oliver reading her poem Sunflowers at Emory University

I Googled Vincent Van Gogh plus sunflowers and up popped a lovely bouquet of links. The first, a video in Dutch with English subtitles from the Van Gogh Museum in The Netherlands explains the background of one of the sunflower paintings. I’ll have to revisit, the museum looks gorgeous. This next link purports to be the most extensive Internet site on Van Gogh, and finally a Viennese photo blogger pays her tribute to these beautiful flowers.

Remember Dr. Zhivago starring Omar Sharif and Julie Christie? Whenever I picture the movie I see an enormous field of sunflowers, but I didn’t recall that the flowers were a motif running through the entire picture and that they represented Lara. The above link offers a very detailed essay on the film’s cinematography with many links of its own. It was too specialized for me, but by following only the sunflower links I was rewarded with exquisite stills.

“Do something” is far afield from my initial search, but turns out to be of interest nonetheless, especially since I’m involved with an elder ministry for Grove Reformed Church which is also trying to compile a list of useful parent/teen/ sites. Do Something is a worthwhile link for youth projects.

My own contribution? A crayon drawing I did years ago that still hangs on my bedroom wall.