I’ve really missed working on my blogs, so just for fun, yesterday, I revisited them and investigated some new themes. Oh, WordPress has some beauts! I tried a dark theme, which I liked, but after a few days my photos wouldn’t appear and my text showed as only a few sentences. I’ve no idea how that happened. So–I’ve switched themes and I’m copying these posts again.

I’ve been doing many new things lately: Luminosity Brain Training, exploring several French and French/English blogs to bring my reading ability up a to comfortable level, and checking out a lot of yummy photography blogs. I’ve seen some beautiful ones and the looking has encouraged the doing. This time around the blogging block, I finally have a digital camera, so I’m hoping to have fun plus make things more interesting for visitors. First, a view from my balcony on the 11th floor.

Life in an increasingly vertical world. When you can't build out, you have to build up!